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A Story of Success

School Improvement Partner

Inspiring trust and with an approachable working style, Rich delivers fresh ideas galvanising staff teams. His experience of working in schools in challenging circumstances and moving schools out of special measures brings a valuable insight to school improvement. His deep knowledge of behaviour management and SEND processes help schools move forward with everyone feeling supported and effective in their work.


Mental Health and First Aid

MHFA Trainer

Evidence shows the only effective long-term way to improve mental health is to adopt a ‘whole organisation approach' where all parts of the organisation and its community are encouraged to work together in their commitment to wellbeing.

Rich offers specific 2 day training for mental health & wellbeing leads. Rich also offers a half day youth mental health awareness which course is very popular with adults working with young people in any setting. This 3 hour intensive training gives participants an overview of youth mental health first aid, the ability to recognise symptoms and then signpost young people to appropriate support. 


A Different Perspective

Leadership Coach

Rich combines his 22 years of school leadership experience with his background in teaching and coaching sport to bring a new perspective.  He helps leaders develop their own strengths and inspires them to get the best out of their teams.

Having successfully led two schools out of special measures, Rich knows all about the complexities of leading and managing teams and individuals facing real challenges and stresses, both external and internal. 


Conferences and Inset Days

Keynote Speaker

Feedback to Rich very often includes the words "Engaging", "Inspirational", and "Passionate".

Rich has the ability to make everyone feel included and motivated.  He speaks with authority and humour. Drawing on a wealth of anecdotal evidence across a 32 year teaching career, he often moves people to both laugh and cry. Above all, Rich will leave everyone with plenty to think about!


Healthy Leaders

Senior Leader Supervision

A qualified supervisor with the Association of Psychological Therapies, Rich brings his wealth of experience to listen and support individuals and teams within a school or MAT setting. 
Clinical Supervision is increasingly needed in the workplace and can help reduce stress whilst developing resilience and effective strategies to safeguard everyone's ability to perform well.  Rich brings empathy and perspective and enables leaders to discuss and reflect on their work load in a confidential and safe environment.

Please get in touch to find out more.


Positive Behaviour Management

Team Teach Trainer

Rich is an experienced intermediate TeamTeach trainer. He leads courses across Somerset for schools and organisations. 


Team Teach provides researched and considered positive behavioural management courses, delivered by experienced, knowledgeable trainers. 

Our tailored training solutions teach positive behaviour management and handling strategies which reduce the need for physical intervention and restraint.


Adverse Childhood Experiences

Understand the effect of ACEs

Having learnt of the ACEs study four years ago Rich investigated its validity. Convinced he now delivers inset training for staff to understand the concept and the severe effects.
ACEs are specified traumatic events occurring before the age of 18 years. High or frequent exposure to ACEs without the support of a trusted adult can lead to toxic stress.
There is a large body of evidence which shows that the adversity we experience as children can affect us into adulthood. Within a general population anyone can be susceptible to ACEs regardless of ethnicity, sex and socioeconomic status, although the number of ACEs experienced tends to increase with lower socioeconomic status.

Rich is also an ambassador for Action on ACEs.

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