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Adverse Childhood Experiences

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Rich delivers inset training for staff to understand the severe effects of  ACEs.


ACEs are specified traumatic events occurring before the age of 18 years. High or frequent exposure to ACEs without the support of a trusted adult can lead to toxic stress. There is a large body of evidence which shows that the adversity we experience as children can affect us into adulthood.  Within a general population anyone can be susceptible to ACEs regardless of ethnicity, sex and socioeconomic status, although the number of ACEs experience tends to increase with lower socioeconomic status.


ACEs are prevalent across the population and recent studies have shown: 

  • Nearly half of people in England experience at least one ACE, with around 9% experiencing four or more ACEs (Blackburn & Darwen Study)  

  • Six ACEs can reduce your life expectancy by 20 years.  

  • For every 100 adults in England, 48 have suffered at least one ACE during their childhood and nine suffered four or more.

Rich is an ambassador for Action on Aces in Gloucestershire.  Action On Aces 

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